Charlie Brown’s view from Lucy [ ]

Charlie Brown’s view from Lucy [ ]

Charlie Brown and you will Lucy features a tough time taking collectively. Lucy have a tendency to bullies Charlie Brown on no account after all; this means that, Charlie Brownish tend to produces comebacks. Yet not, both continue to be relatives, and can get on.


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Charlie Brown has actually a critical viewpoint out-of Lucy, because she’s usually creating indicate what things to Linus, otherwise losing fly testicle. He together with detests how she usually phone calls your brands, like “blockhead”, “wishy-washy” or any other things such as you to. The guy as well as detests this new activities fun she draws to your your every seasons. She even plays it trick with the him inside the Homecoming games inside the This is your First Kiss, Charlie Brown, which leads to Charlie Brown’s teammates unfairly blaming your to possess charging them the overall game, even though Lucy is at blame.

In the early days of the latest remove, whether or not Charlie Brownish had a pretty best experience of their own than simply the guy did from the after weeks, he often turned annoyed by their “fussbudget” character, and became increasingly frustrated when she grabbed you to definitely since good fit.

But not, regardless of if Charlie Brown doesn’t instance Lucy’s mean and you can crabby character, the guy nevertheless cares on her and you may trusts their particular. In the early months, Charlie Brownish would see stories so you’re able to Lucy, and you will act as a parental figure in order to their unique. Charlie Brown obviously trusts Lucy, just like the, though she constantly pulls aside the fresh new activities when draw her popular prank on the him, Charlie Brown nonetheless trusts their particular sufficient to is once more next 12 months, as long as she’s going to perhaps not eliminate they out that time. The guy along with trusts their own sufficient to tell their their difficulties when she’s within her psychiatry unit.

Lucy’s viewpoint from Charlie Brown [ ]

Lucy often mocks Charlie Brownish, and violations your, contacting your other insults, like “dumb” and you can “weak”, regardless of if all of these insults was untrue and you can completely wrong. Lucy is often incapable of realize she actually is hurting Charlie Brownish while it’s totally apparent (an illustration ‘s the more than strip). Possibly she and teases him on purpose. Whether or not her abuse of your often is verbal, she does possibly play with actual discipline, particularly with her well known sports fun. Lucy brings indicate remarks on ideal from ease, always proving zero feelings after all, upcoming moving on having whatever she are undertaking. Whenever Charlie Brown goes wrong in the something, Lucy is quick to point it, once the portrayed of the a few pieces of January and you can ed Charlie Brown) where she places together a slide speech of all of the away from Charlie Brown’s problems, and next needs that he spend their unique an amount of $143 on her behalf attributes.

For the pieces regarding beginning off Peanuts, yet not, Lucy try proven to features a simple smash into the Charlie Brownish. As well as afterwards on the strip’s manage she gets ideas to help you relationships with Charlie Brownish. As an instance, regarding strip off October 5, 1957, Lucy says so you can Charlie Brown you to she can get later on end up being the mother away from their pupils, plus usually the one from June 8, 1960, she says so you can Charlie Brownish that in case the guy were to end up being the new Chairman of Us, she’d create an excellent Earliest Woman.

Lucy reveals genuine concern getting Charlie Brown’s health when you look at the a sequence away from pieces regarding July 1979 in which the kid goes to medical. Regarding remove off July 19, 1979, she actually cries over the count in front of Schroeder, which finds you to definitely unusual considering that Lucy was managing Charlie Brown improperly for decades. On remove off July 27, 1979, she even intends to let Charlie Brown kick the new recreations and you can perhaps not eliminate they off him when the he recovers.

Regarding old-age of remove, yet not, Lucy is served by demonstrated to smoothen down as much as Charlie Brown. Such, both from time to time talk about life at the solid wall.

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